Ernest ‘the Fairy’ Blame

Ernest Blame Despite his young age Ernest already has a past that is not apparent in this story. At the age of 17 he discovered the gay scene in London but soon after was arrested and sentenced for two years for soliciting. Now he is living on his wits and dreams of writing a detective story.

Suzy Menton

Suzy MentonSuzy is a very modern girl travelling with her aunt, Lady Bracket. Though she is already engaged to be married she seems to have designs for a holiday romance with Ernest.

Bert Moody

Bert MoodyA student at Oxford and great fan of detective stories. Bert is travelling with his mother during the long vac. His father was a younger son of an earl and served as captain in the Great War. Captain Moody was killed in the war when Bert was 6.

Jane Moody

mrs MoodyBert’s mother. She was left alone with her only child when her husband the hon. Captain Moody was killed in the Great War. She is very devoted to her son and is determined to defend him come what may. She is even willing to put up with Manners though the situation often gives her a headache.

Eustace Manners

MannersManners is posing as an old friend of Mrs Moody who wants to marry her. He is revealed to be a blackmailer who has got hold of some compromising letters written by Bert. He is using them to blackmail Bert and her mother.


From the Fairy in the Sun

Dottie Travers

DottieDottie is 10-15 years older than the gay men she has staying with her. She was one of the Bright Young people of the 20’s and married Jeremy Travers knowing that he much preferred boys. Dottie and Jeremy live for most part their own separate lives.

Arthur O’Flaherty

ArthurArthur is a young dancer with the Royal Ballet. He is quite talented according to Dottie, but has not done any major solos yet. Arthur may be a talented dancer, but not necessarily too bright.

Stephen Goodwin

StephenStephen is a young and coming painter who has given one successful exhibition. He is hopelessly in love with Arthur.

Paul Tipton

PaulPaul’s father is Dottie’s older brother and the head of the family business, Tipton’s Teas. Paul has a comfortable allowance, but spends it very quickly through among other his drug habit.