The early 1930’s were characterized by the depression that begun with the 1929 crash. This collapse brought the entire worlds economy down with it and left many unemployed. The early 30’s stands in contrast to the previous decade, which had been a period of growth and opportunity.

The period after the Great War saw a rapid modernization and change in attitudes. The women had acquired a more independence during the war and were not going to give it up. The 1920’s and early 30’s saw also a brief period of emerging acceptance of homosexuality and a budding gay culture that ended with the next war.

This makes an interesting backdrop for a gay action comic. The blackmailer seems to be a common motive in early detective stories and blackmail and other crimes against gay people resulted from the official outlawing of homosexuality.

The Venice Lido

In the beginning of 1900’s with the opening of the two Grands Hotels, Grand Hotel Excelsior and Grand Hotel des Bains, Venice Lido had become a popular summer resort and playground of the rich and famous. The atmosphere of Lido was more relaxed with late breakfast, sunbathing and parties. Beach fashion was pyjamas, bathing suits and “less you wear, more fashionable you are”.